Javier - Barcelona Private Tour Guide

Javier – Barcelona Private Tour Guide barcelonaprivatetourguide.com

Javier is in first place a traveler himself, who loves to see the world and its wonders. He is so passionate about it, that he has been living half of his life in exotic places like the Caribbean, the Philippines, Egypt, Japan or the Maldives.

“That is why I try to deliver what I prefer to receive when I hire a guide myself. I do not want to hear only all the information that I can find online, but to appreciate the real vision that only a local can have. I expect: flexibility, relaxation, fun, interest and an open mind to switch to what the client is looking for. So basically: “It is all about the customers”.

He speaks 7 languages, among them, Portuguese, Japanese, English and French.
After working as a Tour Guide for 7 years in Spain and Europe, he started working as a Local Guide in Barcelona in 1996. He also worked at the Sagrada Familia to get a deeper knowledge on Gaudi.

“My favourite moment is when we get into the Sagrada Familia, and my clients are looking up with the faces full of joy…”

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