Do you want to submit a guest post?

At we love collaborating with other bloggers that wish to share their exceptional content with our readers, and we offer everyone who wants to submit a guest post, to publish one post a month in our blog.

In order to make sure the quality of your post matches our standards, please read our requirements before submitting your text:

Who can submit a post?

  1. Travel bloggers who run their own travel blog. We’ll love to connect with you and also discuss the possibility of exchanging blog posts.
  2. Travel-related business owners/employees and professional writers. Authors having only a commercial website will not be considered travel bloggers. In such case, we’ll be considering your post as an advertorial and advertizing fees will apply. You’ll still have to follow the rules about format, content and topics below, and I’ll be presenting your post as “sponsored”, in order to comply with Google Webmaster Guidelines. Also, all your links will be no-follow.


Your text must stick to the following structure:

  • 1 Title
  • 1 Subtitle
  • 1  Short intro about the topic
  • 5 Bullet-points, with brief text developing each of them. Text must be no shorter than 4 lines per bullet point.
  • Opcional extra bullet point for our Share to Unlock feature.
  • 1 Short conclusion
  • 1 Short bio (3-5 lines, no more than 50 words) of the author.
  • 1 Picture of the author (250 x 190 px)

You are allowed to include upto 2 links in the post body.

You are also welcome to send us:

– 1 featured image (preferably 816 x 332 px)

– Upto 3 images to accompany your text.


We are looking for:

  • Good English language skills.
  • Highly actionable and useful pieces of advice.
  • Precise and accurate data with a personal and inspiring touch.
  • Genuine wish to share valuable information with our readers.
  • Content suitable for all ages.
  • Article word count between 500 and 850 words.
  • Unique content that hasn’t been published somewhere else before (including your blog/website).
  • Topics that haven’t been covered yet in our blog, and that isn’t covered everywhere else.
  • Barcelona / Catalonia / Travel related content valuable for travelers and tourists.

We will not accept:

  • Poor writing, spelling or grammar mistakes.
  • Too vague or generic copyrighting. Bullet points shorter than 4 lines each.
  • Wrong information or data about Barcelona or its sites.
  • Posts including words such as “affordable”, “cheap” and similar.
  • Posts that are evidently aimed at marketing or selling something.
  • Gross, sexual, unethical or otherwise inappropriate content.
  • Non travel or Barcelona/Catalonia related content.
  • Posts that have already been published somewhere else.
  • Posts written by someone else rather than you: your post must past all tests for plagiarism using the popular plagiarism software. Posts infringing copyrights will be immediately removed from our blog without notice.
  • Topics that have already been covered in our blog from the same or a very similar point of view.
  • Misleading or confusing links (i.e. If you are talking about romantic vacations in Europe, your link can’t be pointing to apartment rentals in the US: rentals in the European area that you are discussing would be totally acceptable).
  • Anonymous posts: all guest posts will be accompanied of the authors bio.
  • Posts by or recommending direct competitors (i.e. tourguides or companies offering tours in the Barcelona/Catalonia area).
  • Promotional posts (either it is a product, a service, a blog, etc.)
  • Posts including copyright violations or plagiarism.
  • Any text that we judge not to have the quality level that we want for our blog.

♥ Are you a tour guide/tour company operating in another destination?
We’ll be glad to publish your post as long as we are invited to guest post in your own blog in exchange.

On the topics

  • Please note that we reserve the Barcelona/Catalonia site-listing type of post (such as “5 top Gaudi sites”, “5 Must-see sites in the Gothic Quarter”) for our own use, to help promoting our tours. Please choose any other topic for your post (restaurants, travel tips, places to stay, things to do… we love creative topics!)
  • Also, we reserve such kind of site-listing posts on other areas/countries for other tourguides or tour companies offering tours there (but not in Barcelona) that wish to have a guest-post exchange with us.


  • BLOGGERS WITH THEIR OWN BLOG. You are entitled to ONE link to the homepage of your blog and ONE link to your Google+ page (for Google Authorship purposes), both in your Bio at the end of the post. You can add one more link related to your post content, but we reserve the right to eliminate it if it seems too commercial or unnatural.
  • OTHER AUTHORS. You are entitled to ONE no-follow link to your business homepage and ONE link to your Google+ page (for Google Authorship purposes), both in your Bio at the end of the post.
    • You can add one commercial no-follow link in the post text, as long as it is related to your post content. Such link will expire one year after your post is published, unless you are willing to pay a yearly fee as advertising fee.
    • You can buy space for a second commercial no-follow link in your post, in exchange of a yearly advertising fee (it will also have to comply with our link and content rules). The second commercial link will expire when the guest writer cancels the year payments. Commercial links must be approved by us before they are posted. If we don’t find them suitable for our blog, you’ll have to provide a different link.
  • Please note that affiliate links, links damaging our SEO, irrelevant links and links to spammy sites are not accepted. We reserve the right to eliminate such links without notice if they are discovered.
  •  We reserve the right to add links to our own blogposts or tours in your article. They will always be related to your post content.
  •  We reserve the right to remove links at our discretion without notice if they are found to give 404 errors.


  • Any guest post found to violate copyrights or be a plagiarism will be immediately removed without any notice.
  • By submitting your post, you are passing the copyright onto and Yutajachi International Services S.L.. That ensures us that your post won’t be duplicated anywhere else in the future without our consent.


  • We are able to provide images, but we prefer original ones by the author. You can also send us pictures licensed as Public Domain – CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0).
  • We reserve the right to edit and crop the images to suit our blog appearance.
  • We reserve the right to not post your images, if we don’t find them suitable for our blog.

Comments and social media

  • As the author of the post, you are expected to keep replying the comments on your blog post for as long as they keep coming. You must do it in a time manner and showing respect and politeness. Failure to do that might comport a removal of some or all your backlinks, and even the entire post.
  • You are also expected to promote it extensively on all your available social media accounts.

How to submit your post?

  • We don’t want you to invest your time writing a post until we know for sure that your idea fits our blog. So please, fill up the contact form in the Contact Form tab above, and we’ll get back to you giving you the thumbs up or suggesting a different topic if needed. Then you can submit your post.
  • We reserve the right to ask you to add modifications or even completely rewrite your post if needed, in order to make it more relevant for our readers.
  • Article submission is not a guarantee that your post will be considered or eligible to be published. We reserve the right not to reply or give a reason, specially if your submission doesn’t meet our guidelines described above.

When will your post be published?

  •  We publish only one guest post per month.
  • Once we receive your post, we’ll review it to verify that it meets our guidelines, and schedule it for the next available spot.
  • If you have already published a post in our blog before, you’ll have to wait at least 3 months before we can publish a new one.
  • We work on first-come first-served basis: the first person that submits a high quality blog post, gets the next available spot. The sooner you submit your post, the earlier it will be published.

Now, if you have read and understood the guidelines and you agree with them, please click the button to proceed to the contact form

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