Here you can see our Favourite Amazing Videos of Barcelona. Of course, they are mostly about Sagrada Familia. Would you like to watch how the Sagrada Familia will look like when we finish it? Would you like to watch how it will be growing on 3D until its completion?

The SAGRADA FAMILIA FINISHED on virtual video (1 minute and 32 seconds).

Are They Really going to Finish It by 2026? Do you Want To See the Full Process? Here is the Video so You can Just sit down, Relax and Enjoy!


Finishing The 6 Central Towers (This is a New Released Video From September 2016!).

A Great Video -with Great Music and No Talking- where you can see in 2 minutes and 20 seconds How the team is constructing The Towers.


How Are They Going to Construct The Central Towers?

They are using a Very New Construction Technic which is a Great Innovation because it is one of the First places they are using it around the Whole World. Watch the video to see it.


Would You Like to see the Panoramic View from the Towers?

Of the eighteen towers that Gaudí envisioned for the Basilica of the Sagrada Família, we have already constructed eight: first of all four on the Nativity façade and then later four on the Passion façade and you can go up on them; so if you decide to visit one of the towers, you’ll get a spectacular panoramic view of the city from 65 metres up.
Sorry, the text in this one is only in Spanish, however, you can enjoy it anyway because “an image is better than a thousand words“, then imagine what a video can do!


 “Ode à la vie” [Ode to life] official video?
An amazing light up show on the facade of the Sagrada Familia

In this video you can watch an unforgettable light show that was projected over the Nativity Facade creating crazy fantastic images, however this is not happening again therefore here you have a unique opportunity to enjoy it.